Saturday, 9 May 2009

Li Ning


As most of us probably know , Yonex is dominant in most places in badminton.

It has allways been the most popoular badminton brand - and has earnt a lot of money throughout their life with badminton consumers.

They have always branded their rackets the best , sponsored the top players and teams , and sponsored the best tournaments . Like the all england open which Yonex has sponsored for 25 years now.

In most countries you see people holding the famous yonex rackets which most likeley cost them a lot of money.But can you blame yonex for making their product cost the most?

I have always been anti - yonex but now I do understand that they had to do what they did. They have made badminton as big as it is now. They do deserve to make that money after investing a lot of their time. After all they have been in the market for 50 years?

Other brands are doing good to succed and overcome yonex's control over countries like victor.

I like victors products and they have now taken the Korean badminton team , and Thailands badminton team. But they are still developing and I doub't they will succeed to beat yoenx in sales any time soon. But they are well known in a lto of countries now.

I am surprised with the sucess of Forza as a brand. They have dominated Denmark's badminton range. And Denmark currently the most successful european badminton country this is a good effort from them. I also see Forza gaining the market in the U.K - which I like to see.

A lot of brands have been trying to get a bigger proprtion of the badminton market , and now brands like Apacs have created a "new" market. They have created clone rackets for approximateley a third of yonex's prices. Which is impressive - apacs too are doing quite succesfully.

I like the competition between the brands , because this is a devlopment for badminton. Why?

because when brands fight over the market share , they want to market their product by sponsoring more players , new events etc... Thus making badminton a more popular sport. Which for me is probably one of the most important goals in badminton. Firstly to make it not a backyard sport - it doesn't deserve this. And secondly so it can be as popular as other sports which millions get poured into.

So what has this been leading up to...

Their is a new very big brand in the Market :

Li Ning

Li Ning is a very big brand , and why am I so happy they are her , because they have money! Li Ning is an established brand in china . If you look it up in google you will see their logo , does this remind you of anything?

Perhaps nikes logo?

If you research their slogon - it is : Everything is possible

What is nikes slogon?

Nothing Is impossible.

So at first I thought , yeah thats nothing special another brand in the market which has practically copied Nike. But it is the complete opposite.

Although it may seem Li Ning has copied Nike , Li Ning was established firts!

This brought my awareness up - and I was filled with a strange emotion.

So what is Li Ning doing that I am so impressed about?

Well what did yonex do:

bought the allmight chinese team!

China normally dominates badminton although other countries like , malaysia , indonesia and korea are doing well.

China did win all the medals in the all england. So their dominance does remain.

Well if you really want to know yonex does no longer own the chinese badminton team!


Yes this is no joke Li Ning has outbid Yonex for the chinese badminton team.

They have also sponsord a massive badminton event: the surdiman cup.

The surdiman cup starts tomoroow where Li Ning will showcase all their new badminnton products.


Well a bit of both :

Yes because this may force yonex too lower their prices of all their bamdinton products.

Their will finally be a massive brand with a lot of money in badminton!

The bad side?

Li Ning after purchasing and advertising and marketing will want to make money.

Li Ning will basically be the new Yonex I think - and may even charge more for their badminton merchandise.

This will be an interesting year for badminton.


  1. adidas slogan "impossible is nothing"
    nike "just do it"

  2. Could you provide the market share for according to the brand of badminton racket?

  3. I am not sure of the market share , currently.

    I will try to research this.

    I am currently looking to create a new website , wheir I can look at all aspects of badminton.

  4. Li Ning rackets are very expensive. I think the range of the rackets are from 250 USD or more...

  5. You all probably forget the fact that China is not democracy and use of Chinese brand is most likely just an order from the government If you want to play for China play with domestic brand.

  6. Li Ning rackets at
    From 200 USD

  7. here in malaysia, li ning is more expensive! top of the range li ning, goes beyond RM1000, while there are several models in the RM800-900 range.

    While yonex tops out shy of RM1000 and only have 2-3 models at RM800-900 range.

    But looking at li ning rackets, i wouldn't choose it for it's price. the finishing is really crude (colour scheme, type font, design) compared to yonex.

  8. Hi , thankyou for that!

    Yes I agree with you , I don't like Li Nings rackets.

    I will be creating a new blog soon , with brand new features and everything!

    I will post the link on the front , page!

    It is still under construction though , but will hopefully be built before the new year , and will incoroporate many new things sunch as videos , and lots of helpfull guides!

    Be on the lookout for it!

  9. Thanks for sharing this cool Li Ning post! Li Ning rackets are also cool and I hope to have one like it!:)

  10. thanks for the lecture in marketing zzzzzzz